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Posted: 2021-02-24 14:11:40

I have never been away from home(Ghana) for an extended period of time. And now
my first time is going to be for my UG program in Spain. I’m so nervous!! Any suggestions on
what to expect and how to prepare?


Dalia 1 year ago

Connecting with the Alumini is also a great way to build your network. Participate in your university Alumini meets, associations, etc and start talking to them, you will get a clear picture on life after passing out of college as well as how they are able to utilize the knowledge once they leave.


Rachael 1 year ago

As an international student I find it best to enroll in different teams or groups in and around the campus. They helped me make friends quickly and I settled in right away. Prepare to do a lot of things on your own as you won’t have mummy or daddy to run to every time. Pick up on some cooking and cleaning skills ASAP?. All the best!!


Chloe 1 year ago

Dear Student, do not worry. You will be amazed at the number of colleagues you will find just like you once you start classes. For many international students this will be the first time away from home and believe me when I say it gets better. You can prepare by reading up on the location and getting familiar with the university and the city you will live in. Most universities provide a buddy who will help you acclimate to the place and help you get settled. So as long as you keep a friendly attitude you will get adjusted easily.

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