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Spain to ease visa processes for international students and graduates

sharePosted date: 22 Jun 2022

Short on time? Here are the highlights:

International students hoping to study pursue higher education degrees at one of Spain’s 76 universities may soon find it easier to do so. The Spanish government is legislating a new University System Law (LOSU) to allow non-EU students to (1) hold residence permits for the duration of their studies and (2) automatically be granted the right to remain in Spain for one-two years after graduation.

Spanish Universities Minister Joan Subirats says, “We have to find ways to retain [international student] talent that we have trained so they can keep their residence status and look for work for two years.”

Currently, non-EU students in Spain are granted residence permits for only one year and must apply for an annual extension to continue their studies. After graduation, students can apply for a post-study work visa to remain in the country for a year to look for a job, but they are not permitted to work within those 12 months. This rule makes it difficult for non-EU students to remain in the country unless they have ample financial resources. reports that,

“Thousands of students who earned diplomas in Spain have already left the country. Over the past decade, 90,000 graduates in Spain moved to other countries to develop their careers.”

The LOSU legislation is being prepared by the Spanish government and will require parliamentary approval before being passed into law. If passed, the new rules are expected to come into effect in 2023.

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