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Semmelweis University’s Cardiology Faculty Among World’s Top 100

sharePosted date: 06 Apr 2021

Budapest’s Semmelweis University (SOTE) has made great strides on the “US News Best Global University” list featuring 1,500 universities in 80 countries, the innovation and technology ministry said on Wednesday.

The medical university’s best ranking was in the field of cardiac and cardiovascular systems, advancing from last year’s 112th place to 87th place this year, the ministry said.

The medical university was ranked in eight fields, with its results between 87th and 345th place. Its progress in cardiology was mainly boosted by the total number of citations and international collaborations, it said.

The ministry said additional higher education funding of 1,500 billion forints (EUR 4.2bn) as part of the recovery action plan would give fresh impetus to efforts to catch up with the world elite.

Innovation and Technology Minister László Palkovics reinforced the government’s commitment to ensuring that a number of Hungarian universities secure a stable position among the best in the world by the end of this decade.

Reference Link: rankings-,Semmelweis University's%20Cardiology Faculty%20Among World's Top 100,technology ministry said%20on Wednesday.

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