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Pre-admission to undergraduate studies at VMU ZUA is underway

sharePosted date: 02 May 2019

Agricultural Academy of Vytautas Magnus University in 2019 At the time of pre-university admission, students will be admitted to the first cycle (undergraduate) for full-time and part-time studies. Entrants can apply only to places not funded by the state . Requests can be made both earlier and in 2019. secondary education. 


University admission process

The documents include the list of VMU pre-admission study programs and the structure of the competition score for those entering VMU in 2019.



Persons wishing to take part in a competition for a non-state-funded study place at Vytautas Magnus University must complete  an online application  and provide the following documents:

an identity document (passport or identity card) ;

a maturity certificate and its annexes or other documents attesting to secondary education (if the secondary education was acquired in 2018 and earlier);

the completed form of the final grades of the semesters of the subjects , signed by the head of the school (if secondary education is acquired in 2019);

diplomas or certificates attesting to the success of international or national Olympiads and competitions


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