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sharePosted date: 08 Jul 2019

There is no better way to get a sense of whether a university is correct for you than by attending an open day or visiting the university personally, this is essential when it comes to picking up which universities to apply for. Unfortunately not everyone has resources or time to travel abroad and visit universities before making their choice. Whatever the reason, your next-best option is to attend a virtual educational fair. UAN provides Virtual open fairs where you can speak to various universities and get a lot of informations at your fingertips. All you require is a laptop to enrich yourself with all the details of top universities worldwide. With multiple universities to speak to, and only so many hours in the day, it’s important you head into our virtual open fair with a clear idea of what questions you’re going to ask. To help, here’s our list of the essential questions to ask at the virtual open fair.

This may seem apparent, but the first issue you are asking really needs to be this. Do not waste time at a university that is unable to give what you want. Even if you discovered the course on their website or in their prospectus, it is worth double-checking as there may be plans to alter or remove the course format completely.

Understand whether the organization provides housing? Or there is on or off campus accommodation? How costly and what all is included in this accommodation? Are you assured a position in your first year of on-campus housing? What is the support for finding off-campus housing?

What percentage of students from abroad are presently registered? Which nations do these students come from? Are there many of your own country's students?

Ask if you can get specific information about the content you are going to study, i.e. particular authors or instances? How deep are you going to go into? Can you select the modules you are taking? Or is there a core curriculum that is compulsory for all?

When are the deadlines? Do students from distinct nations have distinct deadlines? What are the deadlines for these classes to apply for a scholarship? By this deadline, what do you need to provide?

Why are you going to study in the region? What are some of the primary attractions? If there's a lot of nightlife there? How simple is public transport to get around? Is it a big student city, or a mixture of ages and backgrounds?

Are there connections between the university and local, national or foreign sectors or organizations? Is there an on campus department of careers or service? Are there possibilities as part of your course to complete job experience or practical work?

What sort of scholarships is available? How to apply? Eligibility criteria? Are they available for international students?

Thus, these are few of the top questions you should always keep in mind to ask universities while you join the virtual education fairs.

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