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The Influence of ‘commerce’ in the International Market

sharePosted date: 06 Jun 2019

Just a couple of decades ago, students who aspired to study abroad looked only towards engineering, medicine, and law. However, things have changed considerably since then. With the progress of education and availability of various scholarships opportunities & loans, students are now exploring options beyond the traditional favourites. Nowadays, we see many students opting for undergraduate education in Commerce, Accountancy, and Management in top universities abroad. It’s challenging but is also quite scoring. So, if you have the knack for it, the sky is the limit.

Commerce is trade and aids to trade. It is actually a total of all activities concerned with the exchange and distribution of goods and services from the manufacturer to the consumer. Activities involving buying and selling, transport, communication, insurance, banking and warehousing all constitute commercial activities.

Commerce stream is a good option for future. There are many courses in commerce that provides huge career opportunities. If you are looking for world class education in the field of commerce, accountancy, economics or law, there is a plethora of courses to choose from.


If you seek a program in commerce, there is a whole world of undergraduate degree alternatives. In some countries such as UK, it is mandatory for the applicant to have industry experience at least for a year.


Students can go for professions like economist, investment banking analyst, data analyst, marketing manager, auditor, teacher and many other business, government, and academic jobs, after earning a degree in economics. Some programs may be more theoretical in nature while some can target Applied Economics. Also, some can be completely math-centred while others may not be. Applied economics is a good course to pursue if you are interested in a career as an economist, data analyst, auditor, or investment banking analyst.


Every organization, big or small requires accounting services. The core courses in an accounting program could be business, accounting, finance and mathematics. Some universities may require students to complete courses in Computer based applications and/or business and corporate law.


Marketing is at the core of every business. In marketing courses, students are taught about advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing, as well as efficient communication technologies. Marketing requires a keen insight into the buyer’s behaviour and about people’s expectations from the company.


Management is one of the most sought after courses in the commerce field. In management program you learn basic concepts of essential managerial roles. Some of the subjects you learn are Business law, financial accounting, Information systems, macroeconomics, microeconomics, Business finance, Business statistics, International business, Managerial accounting and Marketing. You can take up specializations such as global marketing, global human resource management, international accounting and finance corporate finance, international management, operations and supply chain management and project management.


If number crunching is your forte, pursue a career in Finance. Here you get to learn basic accounting, microeconomics and statistics.

Specializations may follow in the later years of the undergraduate life.


If you love numbers, choose a stream that includes pure mathematical research or teaching field. Other interdisciplinary courses may involve combining mathematics with subjects studied by engineers, architects, computer software engineers, physicists, statisticians, accountants, logicians, actuarial scientists and accountants.

These were the most attractive Study Abroad Options for Commerce students. Though the specializations and electives may depend on the chosen university or college, some basic courses remain the same. A student must check with the given university about the flexibility offered in choice of subjects, before making a final call. Career options for commerce students are vast and you will always have interesting profiles to work at if you play to your strengths.

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