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sharePosted date: 20 Feb 2021

Belgium, one of the smallest and most densely populated countries in Europe, is a republic in northwestern Europe where most residents live in urban areas. Centered on language, Belgium is split into three cultures and has separate customs. Belgium is a free destination for all cultural festivities and one of the finest educational destinations Europe can bring.

As similar to the territory, the Belgian education system is split between the various regions that make up the country such as Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels, and the programs will be taught mostly in Dutch or French depending on where you study, but most institutions offer English courses and classes, especially for master's and doctoral degree programs. The higher education system in Belgium is part of the European Higher Education Region (EHEA) defined by the Bologna Process, which seeks to create a standardized European higher education structure. It's also measured by the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), whereby 1 credit represents 25-30 hours of learning activities. There are three types of institutions for higher education: universities, schools of higher education and art colleges who deal with the bachelor's, masters and doctoral degrees. A bachelor's degree is awarded to a professional bachelor or an academic bachelor in 3 years (180 ECTS credits), and a master's degree is awarded in 1 or 2 years (60 or 120 ECTS credits). After earning a master's degree, students can opt to seek a doctorate degree (PhD) in Belgium which can only be awarded by universities. Students seeking to study medicine, dentistry, arts or engineering sciences may face more guidelines and exams for solid admission than other fields of study.

Belgium, renowned as the European Union's official headquarters, has long been considered the heart of Western Europe. Rich in nature and history, in some of the most stunning, fairy-tale landscapes Europe has to show, this tiny nation's heritage expresses itself. Belgium is not just a wonderful place to study abroad, full of medieval cities and Renaissance architecture; it's a must-see travel destination! Start searching for a program that better suits you today and study abroad in Belgium!

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