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Studies In Central Asia-Applying For Visa Application

sharePosted date: 12 Jul 2014

For applying Visa First you have to check your application process, forms, processing times and costs are different, depending on whether you are applying in your home country or in the other countries. All applicants must submit biometric data (fingerprints and facial image). You must check where you are eligible to make your application. If you are applying in some countries you will be asked to attend a 'credibility interview.  These interviews are held when you lodge your application and take place, via a video link, with a visa officer .  This takes about 10 to 15 minutes.  The questions will focus on your chosen course of study and reasons for studying in the Central Asia and will be conducted in English.  The transcript of the interview will be included with your application form and other supporting documents and will be an additional piece of evidence to help the visa officer assess your visa application. 

Required Documents


All applicants for a student visa must bring the following required documents to their interview:

  1.       A passport valid for travel abroad.
  2.       Uzbekistan visa application Form.
  3.       A photograph taken within the past 6 months (photographs must be in color, 5cm X 5cm in size and on a white background). 
  4.       Form I-20 for student visas. This form is issued by the educational institution.
  5.       Financial evidence that shows you or your sponsors have sufficient funds to  during the period of your  intended study. 
  6.       For family members applying to travel with a student as a derivative, documentary proof of your relationship to the student.
  7.       Official Invitation From the relevant Country.

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