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Selecting colleges in South America for Management studies

sharePosted date: 11 Jul 2014

South America is culturally, ethnically and racially diverse, hosting cultures originated at traditions of the Indigenous peoples of the Americas as well as immigrants from mostly Europe, Africa and Asia, as well as its own innovations and cultural contact with its neighbor North America. Given a history of colonialism, most South Americans speak Portuguese or Spanish, and societies and states commonly reflect Western traditions. As you may expect, many things are available for much cheaper than you would be able to find them at home. Prices of basics are very affordable for students, which leaves you with a bigger budget to travel and see sights.






There are some Manaement Colleges in South Asia. Some of them are Following:

  1.         IAE Business School
  2.         Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina
  3.         Torcuato di Tella University
  4.         University of CEMA
  5.         University of San Andres
  6.         National University of Rosario
  7.         Northeast National University
  8.         National University of Mar del Plata
  9.         National University of Cuyo
  10.         University of Sao Paulo
  11.         Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
  12.         University of Brasilia
  13.         Federal University of Santa Catarine.    
  14.         University of La Sabana
  15.         School of Business & Economic Studies
  16.         University of Los Andes
  17.         INSPER-Institute of Education and Research
  18.         Institute of Management Foundation


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