Selecting colleges in North America for Banking and Finance

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Selecting colleges in North America for Banking and Finance


The North American educational experience is among the best in the world. Many colleges and universities are known throughout the world for the quality of their academic programs. Private institutions such as Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Cornell, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and public institutions such as Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Univ. of California at Berkeley, Univ. of Michigan at Ann Arbor, Univ. of Wisconsin at Madison, and Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hillare familiar to students, educators, and business leaders everywhere. In addition to the more well-known institutions, NORTH AMERICA has hundreds of other high quality public and private colleges and universities. The depth and breadth of your options will amaze you.

United States

  1.    Carnegie Mellon University- Pittsburgh, PA
  2.    Columbia University-New York, NY
  3.    Princeton University-Princeton, NJ
  4.    Baruch College, City University of New York-New York, NY
  5.    University of California, Berkeley-Berkeley, CA
  6.    New York University-New York, NY
  7.    Columbia University-New York, NY
  8.    Massachusetts Institute of Technology-Cambridge, MA
  9.    Cornell University-Ithaca, NY
  10.    Georgia Institute of Technology-Atlanta, GA
  11.    University of California, Los Angeles-Los Angeles, CA
  12.    Rutgers University-New Brunswick, NJ
  13.    University of Toronto-Toronto, Canada
  14.    Boston University-Boston, MA
  15.    University of Chicago-Chicago, IL
  16.    NYU-Poly-Brooklyn, NY
  17.    Rutgers University-Newark, NJ
  18.    Fordham University-New York, NY
  19.    Johns Hopkins University-Baltimore, MD
  20.    University of Illinois-Urbana, IL
  21.    University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, MI
  22.    University of Minnesota-Minneapolis, MN
  23.    University of Washington-Seattle, WA
  24.    Claremont Graduate University-Claremont, CA
  25.    Illinois Institute of Technology-Chicago, IL


  1.    Seneca College
  2.    University of British Columbia
  3.    University of Toronto
  4.    The University of Western Ontario
  5.    University of Alberta
  6.    Concordia University
  7.    McMaster University
  8.    Queen's University
  9.    Simon Fraser University
  10.    University of Waterloo
  11.    York University

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