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Selecting colleges in Europe for Information Technology

sharePosted date: 17 Jul 2014

A high standard of education programs run by highly qualified academic staff, small classes, and high quality well- equipped modern facilities. The diplomas are accredited internationally. Students get into universities straight from high school. If you are studying medicine you earn a degree in less time. Tuition, room and board are much cheaper-it will cost students ¼ of the cost  of many Universities in the world- when it comes to quality and affordable education, Europe has emerged as one of the most favored destinations. All courses offered are in English. Studying at an international university is a great cultural experience that will broaden your horizons –it will open your mind to a new culture, a foreign language and all the other benefits that domestic life can’t offer. A student acquires independence, new friendships and academic achievement.        




List of colleges that offer Information Technology courses:

  1.       Politecnico di Milano
  2.       University of Pisa
  3.       University of Florence
  4.       Politechnico di torino
  5.       Sapienza University of Rom
  6.       University of Bologna
  7.       University of Padua
  8.       University of Catania
  9.       Eotvos Lorand University
  10.       University of PECS
  11.       Budapest University of Communication and Business
  12.       National University of Ireland, Galway
  13.       Waterford University
  14.       University College- Dublin
  15.       Dublin Business School
  16.       SRH Hochschule Heidelberg
  17.       Technical University of Berlin
  18.       Free University of Berlin
  19.       University of Leipzig
  20.       Dresden University of Technology
  21.       University of Stuttgart
  22.       University of Hamburg
  23.       Grenoble school of management
  24.       EPITA
  25.       ISEP
  26.       Tallinn University of Technology
  27.       Estonian Academy of Arts
  28.       University of New York in Prague
  29.       American University in Bulgaria


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