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Selecting Colleges in East Asia for Media, Film & Mass Communication

sharePosted date: 23 Jul 2014


Mass communication is the study of how individuals and entities relay information through mass media to large segments of the population at the same time. It differs from the studies of other forms of communication, such as interpersonal communication or organizational communication, in that it focuses on a single source transmitting information to a large group of receivers. It is usually understood to relate to newspaper, magazine, and book publishing, as well as radio, television and film, as these mediums are used for disseminating information, news andadvertising.


Media, Film & Mass communication colleges in Japan 

  1.      Curtin University
  2.      University of Minnesota
  3.      Yamaguchi Perfectural University
  4.      Sogang University
  5.      Waseda University

Media, Films and Mass communication Universities in Taiwan

  1.      National Chengchi University
  2.      Shih Hsin University
  3.      Fu Jen Catholic Unieversity

Media, Film & Mass communication colleges in China

  1.      Communication University in China
  2.       Fudan University
  3.      Wuhan University
  4.      Renmin University
  5.      Tsinghua University
  6.      Sichuan University
  7.      Peking University
  8.      Jinan University
  9.      Beijing Film Academy

Media, Film & Mass communication colleges in Hong kong

  1.      Hongong Baptist University
  2.      University of Hong kong
  3.      Chinese University of Hong Kong

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