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Selecting Colleges in East Asia for Arts, Law, Languages & Teaching

sharePosted date: 18 Jul 2014




East Asia as a region of the world and human experience, and provides an integrated curriculum drawing on the approaches of the social sciences, humanities, and legal studies. East Asia or Eastern Asia is the eastern sub region of the Asian continent. Historically, many societies in East Asia have been part of the Chinese cultural sphere.


  1.       City University of Hong Kong
  2.       The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  3.       The University of Hong Kong
  4.       The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
  5.       RMIT University
  6.       Hong Kong Art School 
  7.       College of International Education
  8.       Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd)



  1.     University of Tokyo
  2.     Kyoto University
  3.     Michigan State University College of Law
  4.     Doshisha University in Kyoto
  5.     Aichi University
  6.     Chiba University
  7.     Kyushu University 
  8.     Seinan Gakuin University
  9.     Hiroshima Shudo University
  10.     Kagawa University
  11.     Kagoshima University
  12.     Senshu University
  13.     Kanazawa University
  14.     Kobe University
  15.     Konan University 
  16.     Musashino Art University (MAU)
  17.     Kanazawa College ofArt
  18.     Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts
  19.     Amherst College
  20.     The Bi-College Japanese Language Program



  1.       China University of Political Science and Law
  2.       China Youth College for Political Science
  3.       Chinese Academy of Social Science, the Department of Law
  4.       Chinese People's Public Security University
  5.       Chinese University for Nationalities, Faculty of Law
  6.       East China University of Politics and Law
  7.       Foreign Affairs Institute, the International Law Department
  8.       Fudan University School of Law
  9.       Jilin University Law School
  10.       Nankai University Law School
  11.       Peking University Law School
  12.       Renmin University of China Law School
  13.       Shanghai Jiao Tong University KoGuan Law school
  14.       Southwest University of Political Science & Law
  15.       Sun Yat Sen University School of Law
  16.       Tsinghua University School of Law
  17.       Tianjin Normal University Law School
  18.       University of International Business and Economics
  19.       Yunnan Arts University
  20.       National Beiping Art College
  21.       Xiangshan Central campus
  22.       Nanshan Campus
  23.       The Vocational College of Art Design
  24.       The College of International Education



  1.       National Taiwan University of Arts
  2.       National Taiwan College of Performing Arts 
  3.       Taipei National University of Arts
  4.       National Chengchi University College of Law
  5.       National Chung Cheng University College of Law
  6.       Soochow University College of Law
  7.       National Kaohsiung University College of Law
  8.       Fu Jen Catholic University
  9.       College of Law
  10.       Providence University College of Law
  11.       Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages

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