Selecting colleges in Africa for Retail Management

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Selecting colleges in Africa for Retail Management

If you look at Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand the similarities are much larger than the differences–they share a common heritage and our perspectives on the world are very similar.  Where cultural differences are greater and the challenges of working together more complex, then there is more opportunity for building those global competency and leadership skills.  In addition, it is harder to grow as a person if you stay entirely within your own comfort zone.  The experience is richer and the rewards greater if the study abroad experience pushes the limits of where you are comfortable.


All of study programs in Africa take place in a very different cultural and physical environment than most students are familiar with.  Learning to adapt to this environment is part of the fun and the challenge of being there.  The challenge is intellectual, emotional and physical.  In all of these programs there are long days working in the field or in rural and urban communities requiring both stamina and adaptability. They are not simply moving our campus classes and teaching them in a different location.  On these programs, the classroom is the forest or grasslands of the nature reserves and the schools, clinics and households of rural communities or urban townships; and the success doesn’t just rest on your own ability–it rests on the entire group, the Africans you work with, and what you yourself bring to the table.  The time you spend in Africa will be unlike anything else you have experienced in College.

  1.    Landmark University
  2.    Covenant University
  3.    University of Benin
  4.    University of Agriculture
  5.    University of Nigeria
  6.    Madonna University
  7.    Lagos State University
  8.    University of Jos
  9.    Pan African University
  10.    Bingham University
  11.    University of Calabar
  12.    American University of Nigeria
  13.    Niger Delta University
  14.    Crawforf University
  15.    Kaduna State University
  16.    Renaissance University
  17.    Lead City University
  18.    Baze University
  19.    Fountain University
  20.    Paul University


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