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sharePosted date: 22 Feb 2021

The Netherlands has emerged as a popular destination in the last decade among international students. The simple process for the Dutch student visa and the high approval rate are one of the reasons for this rapid growth. Students around the world come to study in the Netherlands for their higher education. The Netherlands is regarded as the first non-English-speaking country where universities began developing English-language higher education research programs to draw students from abroad.

It definitely sounds great that the Netherlands have the features like high-quality, accessible education in an international, open-minded world, provided in many disciplines. However, if you come from a country where English is not the native tongue, Dutch universities do have stringent language criteria. You are expected to take the TOEFL, IELTS or a related English language exam as an international student.

The Dutch education system is of high standard and its well-designed, modern courses and facilities are recognized worldwide by Dutch universities. The teaching style emphasizes on teamwork, which makes it possible to meet Dutch people as well as other foreign students for international students in the Netherlands.

There are also colleges in the applied sciences, as well as general universities, which have more advanced research. A university of applied sciences may be more appealing for those who prefer to obtain knowledge into practical problems. These rely mainly on actual knowledge and less on questions of theory and science.

Healthy personal relationships between professors and students are strongly stressed by Dutch universities. Most tutorials and seminars take place and much of your coursework will consist of team work, not only improving the analytical abilities, but also the capacity as part of a team to work together. In the degree courses, Dutch universities integrate many functional features and related practical knowledge is heavily emphasized, and universities have several collaborations with Dutch businesses, as well as foreign ones.

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