College Selection For Retail Management in Middle East Asia

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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights has emphasized education’s importance as a fundamental human right and a necessary element of development. Education encompasses the scope of social values, morality, tradition, religion, politics and history. It is the acquired body of knowledge that equips the emerging labor force with the necessary skills to ensure its active participation in economic development. The acquisition of literacy, arithmetic, and problem-solving skills improves the value and efficiency of labor. It creates a skilled and intellectually flexible labor force through training, expertise, and academic credentials. A professional working force enhances the quality of a nation's economic productivity and guarantees its suitability for global market competitiveness. According to a recent research report by the United Nations Population Fund, countries such as Egypt, Jordan, and Algeria have invested in family planning, healthcare, and education and have subsequently experienced more rapid economic development than the countries that were reluctant to invest in social development programs.


There are various  Retail Management Colleges In Middle East Asia. Some of them Are Following:

  1.         Ain Shams University
  2.         Alexandria University
  3.         Assiut University
  4.         Aswan University
  5.         Al-Azhar University
  6.         Banha University
  7.         South Valley University
  8.         Nile University
  9.         Damanhur University
  10.         Cairo University
  11.         Mansoura University
  12.         Port Said University
  13.         Alamein University
  14.         American University in Cairo
  15.         Arab Open University
  16.         Ahram Canadian University
  17.         Egyptian Russian University
  18.         Egyptian  E-Learning university
  19.         Canadian International College
  20.         Future Academy
  21.         Modern Academy in Maadi
  22.         Misr International Academy
  23.         British University In Egypt 
  24.         Abu Dhabi University.
  25.         ALHOSN University.
  26.         Khalifa University- Abu Dhabi branch
  27.         New York University Abu Dhabai 
  28.         United Arab Emirates University
  29.         Zayed University-Abu Dhabi Branch
  30.         INSEAD-Abu Dhabi
  31.         Emirates College For Advanced Education.
  32.         American University Of Sharjah
  33.         University Of Sharjah
  34.         Khalifa University-Sharjah branch
  35.         Skyline University College, Sharjah
  36.         American University Of Ras Al khaimah
  37.         Bolton University of Ras Al Khaimah.
  38.         Birla institute of technology Ras Al Khaimah.
  39.         Cornerstone College of International Studies.
  40.         Emirates Canadian University College.
  41.         Abasyn University - Ras Al Khaimah Campus.
  42.         Al Ghurair University
  43.         American College Of Dubai
  44.         American University In Dubai
  45.         Centre For Executive Education
  46.         Dubai Knowledge Village
  47.         American University in the Emirates
  48.         Amity University Dubai
  49.         Middlesex University-Dubai Campus
  50.         ASharqiyah University
  51.         Alburaimi University College
  52.         Arab Open University
  53.         Dhofar University
  54.         Gulf College of Oman
  55.         Majan University College
  56.         Mazoon College
  57.         Middle East College
  58.         Muscat University College
  59.         Sohar University
  60.         Sultan Qaboos University
  61.         Sur University College
  62.         University of Buraimi
  63.         University of Nizwa



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