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Benefits of Online forums for International students

sharePosted date: 23 Jan 2019

A forum acts as a centralized location for topical discussion. An online forum or message board is an online site where people can hold discussions to hold conversations in the form of posted messages. The origins of the modern forum were from bulletin boards and from the so-called computer conferencing systems and are a technological evolution of the dialup bulletin board system. Earlier Internet forums were described as a web version of an e-mail or a newsgroup that helps people to post messages and comment on other messages. Countries like Japan post the most, with more than two million per day on their largest forum.

Major advantage of an online forum is that, it can help form a key part of one’s communication plan. It helps in getting a clear idea to the question in chronological order than to search in a bulk of e-mails. It is a platform where one can contribute their ideas and knowledge that is to be stored in an online workspace so that it could be referred back at any time. For students online forums engage them in active learning, and promote growth of collaborative learning communities.

In this scenario studying abroad is one of the most educating, inspiring and motivating phrase of student’s life.From the first intentions to pursue higher education overseas, to deciding on which country to study in, to the application to various universities, being accepted by a university of your choice, followed by the visa process and the final embarking on the flight to the country is an experience that is both exhilarating and intimidating at the same time. At this point it is the online forum that enables the student to ask questions to people all over the internet, to get expert advice, to interact with people across the globe and to get information.Many online forums are available, which cater to a wide variety of questions from the general public, such as Quota and Yahoo answers, however, students will benefit from forums that are exclusive to them and that are geared to address their needs. Many universities have recognized the need for such forums and have set up their own online student forums, Face book Page and Twitter Accounts for students to interact with each other. Some informative and interesting online forums for students studying abroad are, ‘The student room UK’ for those student studying in UK,’’ for students studying in Australia, etc.

To sum it up, online forum has brought about a rapid change by providing major benefits for students by automating the process easily. It is a major source of data collection regarding the location, the university, the expenses incurred etc. The online forums have created a source for easy communication, and acquiring ideas and information; they provide detailed knowledge about the less known facts and clarifies ones queries easily and effectively.


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