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Rachel Roger (#Exp-41)


Education Background : Masters in business admistration

Expert Categories : 1. management.

Country : United Kingdom City : UK



Education Background : MBA
An educational agent

Expert Categories : 1. management.

Country : India City : calicut

Shweta Nautiyal (#Exp-11)


Education Background : Company Secretary, Telematics Consultant, MBA
Experienced Professional in Business Development and consultancy handling the SEO/SEA optimization and business strategy implementation from German Headquarters. Understanding of Telematics industry and an expertise in devising business solutions for the client companies. I have studied in France and worked in multiple cities of Germany that enables me to help the international students to consult and guide them on their queries related to education and work culture in EU.

Expert Categories : 1. retail.

Country : Germany City : Berlin

Brac Lawrence (#Exp-10)


Education Background : MBA , Masters in Tourism
Overseas Education Expert

Expert Categories : 1. management. 2. science-engineering. 3. information-technology. 4. banking-finance. 5. arts-law-languages-teaching. 6. media-films-mass-communication. 7. medicine-beauty-health-care. 8. hospitality-aviation-tourism. 9. retail.

Country : Kazakhstan City : Astana

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